Sentence Examples with the word Sage

Dunger, Die Sage vom trojanischen Kriege in den Bearbeitungen des Mittelalters and ihren aptiken Quellen (1869, with a literary genealogical table); E.

Suffering, said the sage in his great sermon at Benares, is inseparable from birth and old age.

It was a fundamental maxim that the sage was to take part in public life; and it does not appear that his political action was to be regulated by any other principles than those commonly accepted in his community.

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Kauffmann, Balder: Mythus and Sage (Strassburg, 1902).

The sage was born, according to the historian Sze-ma Chien, in the year 550 B.C.; according to Kung-yang and Kuh-liang, two earlier commentators on his Annals of Lu, in 551; but all three agree in the month and day assigned to his birth, which took place in winter.

The sun had baked the sage grass a tawny color in the fields.

During the session of the council for the union of the Greek and Latin churches at Florence in 1 439, Cosimo had made acquaintance with Gemistos Plethon, the Neo-Platonic sage of Mistra, whose discourses upon Plato and the Alexandrian mystics so fascinated the learned society of Florence that they named him the second Plato.

The kekop tree, the orange, the laurel, the juniper, the wild cactus, the curry plant, wild sage and celery flourish.

See Pfaff, Geschichte der Stadt Stuttgart (2 vols., Stuttgart, 18 451847); Wochner, Stuttgart seit 25 Jahren (Stuttgart, 1871); Seytter, Unser Stuttgart, Geschichte, Sage and Kultur (Stuttgart, 1903); J.

Of the quadrangle, Sage chapel (with beautiful interior decorations), Barnes Hall (the home of the Cornell University Christian Association), Sage College (a dormitory for women), and the armoury and gymnasium; E.