Sentence Examples with the word SYNOD

In cases that call for consultation together, the Consistorium and the Synod appoint committees to confer.

After the doctrines of Palamas had been recognized at the synod of 1351, Gregoras, who refused to acquiesce, was practically imprisoned in a monastery for two years.

The sixth decree of the Lateran synod of 10J9 forbade any cleric to accept Church office from a layman.

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In 1618 he attended the synod of Dort, and was soon after made dean of the Chapel Royal and translated to Winchester, a diocese which he administered with loving prudence and the highest success.

The formulation of this objection by the synod of Pistoia,' in 1786, however, only provoked a clearer explanation of the doctrine, which contributed to confirm the cult.

Instead of this he renounced it, and confirmed his renunciation by a solemn oath to Pope Adrian, to whom the synod sent him.

Later the synod of Nimes (1572) decreed that no minister might be imposed upon an unwilling people.

At the first synod of Sirmium he won a dialectic victory over the homoiousian bishops, Basilius and Eustathius, who sought in consequence to stir up against him the enmity of Caesar Gallus.

Gib's action in forming the Antiburgher Synod led, after prolonged litigation, to his exclusion from the building in Bristo Street where his congregation had met.

This synod in 1667 deposed Nikon, degraded him from holy orders, and sentenced him to perpetual penance in a monastery (ib.