Sentence Examples with the word SUPPRESS

A crisis was reached when Christopher, patriarch of Grado, convened the people of the lagoon at Heraclea, and urged them to suppress the twelve tribunes and to choose a single head of the state.

At the same time the burghers of Graaff Reinet also rebelled against the Cape authorities, who were powerless to suppress the insurrectionary movement.

He moved his capital northward to Akhetaton (El Amarna) and strove to suppress the worship of Ammon, doing infinite damage to the monuments of Thebes by defacing his name and figure.

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But otherwise there ensues a conflict in which the opposed presentations comport themselves like forces and mutually suppress or obscure each other.

Deeming it wise to suppress his name, he adopted the pseudonym Ursinus, with reference to his protection by Bern.

Governor Willson, immediately after his inauguration, took measures to suppress disorder.

He came back in 1233 from his crusade to suppress a revolt of the eastern cities, which seem to have been aiming at republican independence.

Katie tried to suppress it, not wanting to offend her friend, but it escaped.

Lesser mendicant orders sprang up in all directions - Gasquet mentions half a dozen such that found their way into England (English Monastic Life, p. 241) - in such numbers that the Council of Lyons in 1274 found it necessary to suppress all except the orders already named.

The disorders, fomented by republican agitators, none the less continued; and the efforts of the government to suppress them with the aid of federal troops led to an armed insurrection.