Sentence Examples with the word SUPER

According to Norm Hunter, the fisherwoman was so frightened she'd fainted dead away, while her 12-year-old son thought towing Willie two miles to port was super cool.

Cynthia was super pleased to hear her son's voice, but her mood changed abruptly when he blurted out the news.

He also wrote a suggestion for reform in the administration of justice entitled Libellus de optimo ordine forenses lites audiendi et deferendi; an Apologia, written to answer the charges brought against him by Louis XI.; a Breviloquium, or allegorical account of his own misfortunes; a Peregrinatio; a defence of Joan of Arc entitled Opinio et consilium super processu et condemnatione Johanne, dicte Puelle, and other miscellaneous writings.

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The same year he was appointed secretary to the Congregation super negotiis ecclesiae extraordinariis, in 1889 became papal nuncio at Munich and in 1892 at Vienna.

For the Tatar invasion see the contemporary Rogerius, Epistolae super destructione Regni Hungariae per Tartaros facta (Budapest, 1885).

He was a friend of Duke Humphrey of Gloucester, whom he helped to gather together his famous collection of books, and was himself a writer, his works including Granarium de viris illustribus; Palearium poetarum; and Super Valerium in Augustinum de Anchona.

In 1659 a treaty of peace was with concluded between France, England and the United education of theer under was e ounce prince of Orange d Y e P g taken by the States of Holland under the super intendence of de Witt.

Having the entire genome means we can begin making super corn, better, stronger, and faster growing.

But Bourne and his friends persisted against both Conference and the local super intendent, who issued bills declaring that no camp-meeting would be held at Norton in August 1807.

In the autumn of 1921 he was reported to be contemplating some still vaster venture in the nature of a super trust to control every industry in Germany, so that the whole might ultimately be coordinated like one gigantic concern regulating production, transport and the supply of the German markets and those of the whole world.