Sentence Examples with the word SUNDAY

More important in the history of the modern church was the secession, in the decade between 1880 and 1890,, of the Old Order Brethren, who opposed Sunday Schools and.

As followers rapidly increased they were compelled to hold their own Sunday services, and this naturally led them to appoint as preachers godly laymen possessing the gift of exhortation.

He reached Rome on Palm Sunday (March 30), only to find his patron ill of a deadly sickness, from which he died on Good Friday (April 4).

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Sunday morning had always been a contemplative time for Carmen, but Easter Sunday was something special.

The Letter Which Denotes Sunday Is Called The Dominical Letter, Or The Sunday Letter; And When The Dominical Letter Of The Year Is Known, The Letters Which Respectively Correspond To The Other Days Of The Week Become Known At The Same Time.

Natalie and Matthew were in the nursery and Jonathan and Destiny were still in Sunday school classes.

He had been an artisan of famed excellence, and with plenty to do; owned a house and garden; embraced a youthful, daughter-like, loving wife, and three blithe, ruddy children; every Sunday went to a cheerful-looking church, planted in a grove.

It was last Sunday they took me, out of a hospital in Moscow.

This is the first notice of Sunday Eucharistic collections of alms for the poor.

The efforts, however, to give effect to this act on the following Sunday were frustrated by the zeal of the Ephesian mob.