Sentence Examples with the word SUFFER

Sir George Darwin finds a possible explanation of these in the screwing motion which the earth would suffer in its plastic state.

It will not suffer any training, nor does it, like the plum, improve by pruning, but the sunshine that attends its brief period of bloom in April, the magnificence of its flower-laden boughs and the picturesque flutter of its falling petals, inspired an ancient poet to liken it to the soul, of Yamato (Japan), and it has ever since been thus regarded.

Another legend, his Martyrium, makes him labour and suffer in Mysore.

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Those of the French humanists who did not proclaim Huguenot opinions found themselves obliged with Muretus to lend their talents to the Counter-Reformation, or to suffer persecution for heterodoxy, like Dolet.

The legal reforms which they introduced tended for the most part to mercy, but the Talmud refers to one case which is an exception: false witnesses were condemned to suffer the penalty due to their victim, even if he escaped.

Oxen, sheep, dogs, monkeys, bats, and probably horses also suffer from similar parasitic diseases.

One or two benzene nuclei may suffer condensation with the furfurane, thiophene and pyrrol rings, the common carbon atoms being vicinal to the hetero-atom.

Koreans suffer from malaria, but Europeans and their children are fairly free from climatic maladies, and enjoy robust health.

As mentioned earlier, farmers suffer when they do not have reliable markets for their goods.

She's had centuries of learning to control it because ultimately she is the one who will suffer for any poor decisions.