Sentence Examples with the word SUBSTITUTE

But without following the explanation into the details in which it revels, it may be enough to say that the whole hypothesis is but an attempt to exclude the occult conception of action at a distance, and substitute a familiar phenomenon.

These were intended as a substitute for the paid canvassers, about to be abolished by Mr Gladstone's Reform Bill.

It is very durable for linings, and is an economical substitute for sable for coats, capes, boas and trimmings.

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Other tales said the stone was the one given by Rhea to Cronus as a substitute for Zeus.

But the great majority of couplings remain non-automatic. It may be pointed out that the general employment of side buffers in Europe greatly complicates the problem of designing a satisfactory automatic coupling, while to do away with them and substitute the combined buffer-coupling, such as is used in the United States, would entail enormous difficulties in carrying on the traffic during the transition stage.

Vegetable wax, which is an excellent substitute for beeswax, is a product of the carnahuha palm (Copernicia cerifera), and is an important export from Ceara.

Immediately after the discovery of guncotton SchOnbein proposed its employment as a substitute for gunpowder, and General von Lenk carried out a lengthy and laborious series of experiments intending to adapt it especially for artillery use.

Ozma gave the Wizard back the piglet he had so kindly allowed Nick Chopper to substitute for the lost one, and then she carried her own into the apartments of the palace where she lived.

He still for a short time retained influence with the king, and intended to employ George Grenville (whom he recommended as his successor) as his agent; but the latter insisted on possessing the king's whole confidence, and on the failure of Bute in August 1763 to procure his dismissal and to substitute a ministry led by Pitt and the duke of Bedford, Grenville demanded and obtained Bute's withdrawal from the court.

The meal is an excellent substitute for soap, and is stated by Elliot to be an invariable concomitant of the Hindu bath.