Sentence Examples with the word STANCE

Rhyn snorted at her defiant stance and Kris.s respectful bow and leaned down to grab the rope binding Jade.s ankles.

Coo If either copper or anti mony be added to this Sb compound, the freezing coo C point is lowered just as it would be if a new sub stance were added to a 400 A solvent.

The slow movements continued for an hour, with A'Ran pausing between each new one to adjust her stance as needed.

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Jonny was pissed, his stance like Brandon's when the cousin was on protective mode when guys at the mall flirted with his sister.

Kiera watched as he assumed the same position and shifted his stance into a new position.

He looked away and turned his back to her, stance guarded as he paced short distances back and forth, like a caged panther.

She was adamant that the club's stance has not changed.

He took up a protective stance within direct sight of them, so still, he seemed like a statue.

She stretched again before settling into an awkward stance across from him.

Gabriel looked up from his stance peering into the murky Lake of Souls.