Sentence Examples with the word SPECIES

Lamarck practically conceded the objective existence of species in arguing that they might be modified by external conditions, and G.

While the female presents the usual inconspicuous mottled plumage of the same sex in most species of Anatinae, the male is one of the handsomest of his kind.

After the publication of C. Darwin's Origin of Species (1859) a fresh impetus was given to entomology as to all branches of zoology, and it became generally recognized that insects form a group convenient and hopeful for the elucidation of certain problems of animal evolution.

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All the species are arborescent or shrubby, varying in size from the most stately of forest trees to the dwarfish bush.

Dr Buchanan White, who made a special study of the British willows, grouped them under 17 species with numerous varieties and hybrids.

There are, however, several species of euphorbia of the miscalled cacti.

CHIMPANZEE (Chimpanzi), the vernacular name of the highest species of the man-like apes, forming the typical representatives of the genus Anthropopithecus.

The most complete and symmetrical grass rings are formed by Marasmius oreades, the fairy ring champignon, but the mushroom and many other species occasionally form rings, both on grass-lands and in woods.

There are two species in the British Isles, the common bream, A.

Essence participates in goodness - that which is good has being, and is therefore to be regarded as a species of good.