Sentence Examples with the word SOUNDNESS

The soundness of the dilemmatic argument in general depends on the alternative possibilities.

A cement not perfectly sound will give low results in the hot test, and a cement of indifferent soundness will crack and go to pieces.

For thirty years he laboured with ever-increasing success, due not to any attractions of manner or to the enunciation of novel or bizarre opinions, but to the soundness of his investigations, the impartiality of his judgments, and the clearness of his method.

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Having had the soundness of this method tested by Jean Darcet (1725-1801), the professor of chemistry at the College de France, the duke of Orleans in June 1791 agreed to furnish a sum of 200,000 francs for the purpose of exploiting it.

The soundness of these views and the legitimacy of Uitlander aspirations were recognized by a few Boer officials at Pretoria.

The sole importance of the crossing of the Berezina lies in the fact that it plainly and indubitably proved the fallacy of all the plans for cutting off the enemy's retreat and the soundness of the only possible line of action--the one Kutuzov and the general mass of the army demanded--namely, simply to follow the enemy up.

The position of the author as regius professor of Hebrew at Oxford and canon of Christ Church in succession to Pusey, and his wellestablished reputation as a profound Hebrew scholar, commanded wide attention; the qualities of the book itself - its marked sobriety, its careful discrimination between the differing degrees of probability attaching to various conclusions and suggestions, and in general its soundness of method - rapidly extended the understanding of what Old Testament criticism is and commanded acceptance of the well-established conclusions.

At first, Leverrier, Plana and other foreign astronomers controverted Adams's result; but its soundness was ultimately established, and its fundamental importance to this branch of celestial theory has only developed further with time.

Though quite illiterate, she was an uncommonly shrewd and sensible woman, and her imperturbable good nature under exceptionally difficult circumstances, testifies equally to the soundness of her head and the goodness of her heart.

Throughout his career as Speaker he exhibited conspicuous impartiality, combined with a perfect knowledge of the traditions, usages and forms of the house, soundness of judgment, and readiness of decision upon all occasions; and he will always rank as one of the greatest holders of this important office.