Sentence Examples with the word SOLID STATE

The Atomic Heat Of A Metal In The Solid State Is In Most Cases Larger Than Six Calories At Ordinary Temperatures.

To this objection it may in turn be answered that, though this degree of freedom of descent may suffice for a slowrunning furnace, particularly if the slag is given such a composition that it passes quickly from the solid state to one of decided fluidity, yet it is not enough for swift-running ones, especially if the composition of the slag is such that, in melting, it remains long in a very sticky condition.

Oh) 3, a tetrahydroxytribasic acid, first obtained in the solid state by Karl Wilhelm Scheele, in 1784, from the juice of lemons.

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Sodium hydroxide) will in a solid state fire it on contact.

Again, by raising the temperature, a metal in the solid state can be melted and liquefied, and poured into a mould to assume any form desired, which is retained when the metal cools and solidifies again; the gaseous state of a metal is revealed by the spectroscope.

The chemical action between metals in the solid state must be infinitesimal, and could only suffice to produce small charges analogous to those of frictional electricity; it could not maintain a permanent difference of potential at a metallic junction through which a current was passing.

At the best, however, it is not generally suited for the finest work, as the great contraction of iron in passing from the fluid to the solid state renders the cast somewhat blunt and spiritless.

So long as bodies are in the solid state the light which they emit, though different in.