Sentence Examples with the word SIMPLEX

He is judged harshly by contemporary writers, as simplex and insufficiens; but Dodu (in his Histoire des institutions du royaume de Jerusalem) suggests that Guy was depreciated because the kingdom had been lost in his reign, in much the same way as Godfrey of Bouillon was exalted because Jerusalem had just been won at his accession.

The simplex is worn on Good Friday, and at masses for the dead; also at the blessing of the candles at Candlemas, the singing of the absolution at the coffin, and the solemn investiture with the pallium.

At mass and vespers the mitra simplex may be substituted for it in the same way as the auriphrygiata for the pretiosa.

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It may be added that there are on the odd circuit three inflections, but on the even circuit no inflection; it hence also appears that from any point of the odd circuit there can be drawn to the odd circuit two tangents, and to the even circuit (if any) two tangents, but that from a point of the even circuit there cannot be drawn (either to the odd or the even circuit) any real tangent; consequently, in a simplex curve the number of tangents from any point is two; but in a complex curve the number is four, or none, - f our if the point is on the odd circuit, none if it is on the even circuit.

The cable is supposed to be worked duplex; but, if 5, C1, C2, and AC are removed and the key connected directly with C3, the arrangement for simplex working is obtained.