Sentence Examples with the word SIMILAR

Hippolyte Marinoni (1823-1904), of Paris, also devised a machine on a somewhat similar principle, making the impression and type cylinders of one size and placing them one over the other.

Aristotle had himself shown that in the southern temperate zone winds similar to those of the northern temperate zone should blow, but from the opposite direction.

The belief gradually grew up that every dead man would have to face a similar trial before he could be admitted to a life of bliss in the other world.

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On the south side of a well-marked anticline in the Upper Old Red Sandstone at North Sannox, the Carboniferous strata reappear on the coast with a south dip showing a similar ascending sequence for about half a mile.

The Lower Tertiary strata follow with a similar steep dip, but rapidly flatten down towards the north coast.

Of a similar character was the pseudo-Aristotelian Theologia which was in circulation at least as early as 1200.

It was only moments later when his fears were realized by the gnashing, booming, ripping sound of metal on rock, echoing across the valley like a clap of thunder, repeating and repeating, as if car after car had met a similar fate, further and further away.

The dramatic capabilities of the subject are, however, great, and it afterwards attracted Schiller, who, however, seems to have abandoned it in favour of the similar theme of the Russian Demetrius.

Alberta has a system of municipal government similar to that of the other provinces.

In the receiving instrument the electromagnet is constructed in precisely a similar way to the relay (fig.