Sentence Examples with the word SHEET

The mackintosh sheet forms a shallow bath, and the water may afterwards be run off from it at the lower end of the bed.

The ice was melted for three or four rods from the shore, and there was a smooth and warm sheet of water, with a muddy bottom, such as the ducks love, within, and he thought it likely that some would be along pretty soon.

It is customary to have a curved sheet iron roof or bonnet when the cage is used for raising or lowering the miners, to protect them from injury by falling materials.

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He frequently spoke for nearly an hour, and invariably from heads and subheads jotted down upon half a sheet of letter paper.

Morin (see Notice sur divers appareils dynamometriques, Paris, 1841), in his classical experiments on traction, arranged his appar atus so that the change in form of the spring was continuously recorded on a sheet of paper drawn under a style.

The rolled sheet is left on the castingtable until it has set sufficiently to be pushed over a flat iron plate without risk of distortion; meanwhile the table has been placed in front of the opening of one of the large annealing kilns and the slab of glass is carefully pushed into the kiln.

A little vinegar is poured into each pot; they are then covered with plates of sheet lead, buried in horse-dung or spent tanner's bark, and left to themselves for a considerable time.

A sheet of cardboard is placed above the magnet, and some iron filings are sifted thinly and evenly over the surface: if the cardboard is gently tapped, the filings will arrange themselves in a series of curves, as shown in fig.

By placing metal plates on either side of a larger sheet of dielectric or insulator we can construct a condenser of relatively large capacity.

When the motion is reversed and the air moves out of the pipe at the embouchure, the sheet is deflected on to the outer side of the sharp edge, and no work is done against it by the air in the pipe.