Sentence Examples with the word SET UP

On Michael's murder the Poles under Zamoyski again asserted their supremacy, but in 1618 the Porte once more recovered its dominion and set up successively two creatures of its own as voivodes - Gratiani, an Italian who had been court jeweller, and a Greek custom-house official, Alexander.

A bust of Odoric was set up at Pordenone in 1881.

First, in the teeth of opposition from the metropolitan teacher, while yet only twenty-two, he proceeded to set up a school of his own at Melun, whence, for more direct competition, he removed to Corbeil, nearer Paris.

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In 1497 he set up a new Aulic council or Hof rat, the members of which were chosen by himself, and to this body he gave authority to deal with all the business of the Empire.

The partial asphyxiation or suffocation stimulates the protoplasm to set up a new and perhaps supplementary series of decompositions, which result in the liberation of energy just as do those of the respiratory process.

Its most important feature on the theological as distinct from the political side was the endeavour to promote the circulation of the Bible in the vernacular, by encouraging translation and procuring an order in 1538 that a copy of the Bible in English should be set up in every church in a convenient place for reading.

It is said that the day chosen by Judas for the setting up of the new altar was the anniversary of that on which Antiochus had set up the pagan altar; hence it is suggested (e.g.

A brazen statue was set up in his honour by the inhabitants, for which Theocritus composed an inscription (Epigr.

I've set up the same old power sources as New Hampshire and I managed to gather up about a third of the same plants.

At Catania Becumen was set up again as Roger's vassal, and he did good service till he was killed.