Sentence Examples with the word SEDUCE

There were no advantages with Darkyn and she was the last person on the planet who would try to seduce anyone, especially a demon.

He loved to win men, especially those of the middle class, by affability and familiarity, employing all his arts to cajole and seduce those whom he needed.

Ixion abused his pardon by trying to seduce Hera; but the goddess substituted for herself a cloud, by which he became the father of the Centaurs.

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He was using the truth to hammer down her resistance and his power to seduce her.

Darkyn gave her the power to seduce without the knowledge on how to turn off its effects, if it was even possible.

She seemed untroubled that her best friend tried to seduce her husband.

Although he could influence them to willingly let him feed by merely making eye contact, he preferred to seduce his conquests to want him as desperately as he craved their blood.

It was obvious that Cade couldn't understand her sudden change of behavior, but he made no further attempts to seduce her.

I could have killed her when she tried to seduce you but then I realized, that was the way she was.