Sentence Examples with the word SECRETE

The toxins produced by microbes, if too weak to destroy the leucocytes, induce them to secrete antitoxins, which not only act as antidotes to the toxins and are injurious to the microbes, but also increase the phagocytic power of the leucocytes (opsonius of Wright).

This pamphlet, which had its origin in a petty squabble, was followed in 1793 by a Fragment de l'histoire secrete de la Revolution, in which the party of the Gironde, and specially Brissot, were most mercilessly attacked.

W.) to liquefy gelatine, to secrete coloured pigments, to ferment certain media with evolution of carbon dioxide or other gases, or to induce pathological conditions in animals.

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Boutaric, Correspondance secrete de Louis X V.; Madame de Pompadour's Correspondance published by P. Malassi; Dietric, Les Mattresses de Louis X V.; and Fleury, Louis XV.

They secrete a cuticle which never approaches in thickness the often calcified cuticle of Arthropods.

Of a similar character was the Correspondance litteraire secrete (1774-1793), to which Matra was the chief contributor.

However, his ability was too great to be neglected by a great minister such as Charles Gravier, Comte de Vergennes undoubtedly was, and after a preliminary tour to Berlin at the beginning of 1786 he was despatched in July 1786 on a secret mission to the court of Prussia, from which he returned in January 1787, and of which he gave a full account in his Histoire secrete de la tour de Berlin (1789).

A number of glands on the interior of the pitcher secrete a plentiful fluid which has digestive properties.

This sheet of tissue is called the coenosarc. Its lower surface is clothed with a layer of calicoblasts which continue to secrete carbonate of lime, giving rise to a secondary deposit which more or less fills up the spaces between the individual coralla, and is distinguished as coenenchyme.

Besides the trees described above, a number of climbing plants or vines belonging to the Apocyanaceae secrete a latex which furnishes rubber of good quality.