Sentence Examples with the word SECOND

In Philadelphia the second Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, which the Pennsylvania delegation, excepting Franklin, thought premature at the time, but which was well supported by Pennsylvania afterwards.

Jonny's gaze went upwards, as if he could see through the ceiling to the second floor.

The sternness of certain passages, which has led some critics to imagine that he was an Ebionite, is mainly, if not entirely, due to his faithful reproduction of the language of the second document.

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The second was closer to Han's age with midnight hair and eyes.

A true disciple of Pitt, he came to the congress with an overwhelming distrust of the growing power of Russia, which was only second to his hatred of revolutionary France.

Female; b, first larval stage (Nauplius); c, second larval 3, Lepidurus Angassi: a, dorsal stage.

In 1813 he exchanged shots with Thomas Hart Benton and his brother Jesse in a Nashville tavern, and received a second wound.

Inside, the first and second levels had been combined to create a large, tall space whose walls and ceilings were lined with paintings.

By this act proportional representation was established for both chambers, together with universal manhood suffrage at elections for the Second Chamber, a reduction of the qualifications for eligibility for the First Chamber and a reduction of the electoral term of this chamber from nine to six years, and finally payment of members of the First Chamber, who hitherto had not received any such emolument.

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