Sentence Examples with the word SEAT OF GOVERNMENT

Forbes-Lindsay, Washington, the City and the Seat of Government (Philadelphia, 1908); F.

Its splendid bay, and easy communication with the capital of Santo Domingo, then the seat of government of the Indies, determined its original importance.

Under the charter for the Colony of Massachusetts Bay (1629), which superseded the Dorchester Company patent, Endecott continued as governor until the arrival in 1630 of John Winthrop, who soon removed the seat of government from Salem first to Charlestown and then to Boston.

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In 1663 an inundation carried away half the capital, and the population was so reduced that in 1680 the seat of government was removed to San Miguel, now Tucuman.

The old capital, Tirgovishtea, was considered by the Divan to be too near the Transylvanian frontier, and the voivodes were accordingly compelled to transfer their residence to Bucharest, which was finally made the seat of government in 1698.

In October 1906 the seat of government of Alaska was removed from Sitka to Juneau.

In 1900 the seat of government was transferred from Massawa to Asmara, which in its modern form is the creation of the Italians.

In 1730 they offered the throne to Anne, duchess of Courland, a daughter of Ivan V., elder brother of Peter the Great, on condition of her signing a formal document by which the seat of government should be transferred from St Petersburg to Moscow, and the autocratic power should be limited and controlled by a grand council composed of their own faction.

The seat of government was established at Corydon, whither it had been removed from Vincennes in 1813.

Montgomery, in Alabama, was the first Confederate capital, but after Virginia joined her sister states, the seat of government was removed to Richmond, on the 29th of May 1861.