Sentence Examples with the word SEALED

The fate of Cambrai was sealed and only a part of the incompletely, constructed Masnieres-Beaurevoir line, already broken in its northern sector by the Third Army and in its southern sector by the Fourth Army, was left as a dyke to stem the further British advance.

The last point sealed the deal against further discussion. sealed off the crypt with magic to keep Immortals from entering through the shadow world, and installed locks for those who wander where they shouldn.t be, Kris said.

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Despite the efforts of Danton and the Committee of Public Safety, the arrest of the Girondins sealed the victory of the Mountain.

Berzelius took 8 grams of copper, converted it into the coloured chloride, and sealed up the whole of this in solution, together with a weighed strip of copper.

There are at present in existence four copies of Magna Carta, sealed with the great seal of King John, and several unsealed copies.

Now finally overpowered Lobau, once more recaptured Plancenoit, and sealed the doom of the French army.

The sealed cells are dark-coloured and sunken, pierced with irregular holes, and the larvae in all stages from the crescent-shaped healthy condition to that in which the dead larvae are seen lying at the bottom of the cells, flaccid and shapeless.

At least it was still sealed and it was from Connie.

She glanced down at the sealed envelope in her hand.