Sentence Examples with the word SAVE

They never undarstood one another, and never consulted together in hours of danger, save to embroil matters in politics as in war.

Capponi did his best to reform the city and save the situation, and while adopting Savonarola's tone in internal affairs, he saw the dangers in the foreign situation, realizing that a reconciliation between the pope and the emperor Charles V.

The most highly coveted office at this time was not that of BaotXEbs, which, like that of the rex sacrorum in Rome, had been stripped of all save its religious authority, but that of the Archon; soon after the legislation of Solon repeated struggles for this office between the Eupatridae and leading members of the other two classes resulted in a temporary change.

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Any resentment that lingered from his betrayal melted away at the sight of what he'd been through to save her.

This doctrine is derived from Berkeley and Hume on the one hand and from Kantianism on the other, and embodies the principle that nothing can exist for the mind save itself.

What I do about slavery and the coloured race, I do because I believe it helps to save this Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union ...

The shed at Hugson's Siding was bare save for an old wooden bench, and did not look very inviting.

This condition of things is not so marked as one goes inward from the coast; yet everywhere save in the high mountains the winters are comparatively mild.

The chief prelates of Saxony and many of the late dukes most important feudatories were made virtually independent of all control save that of the crown.

The charges of coal fall into the hopper with a heavy shock, and in order to save the knife-edges there is a strong pin in each side of the hopper below the knife-edge, which, before the charge of coal is dropped into the hopper, is acted on by a strong horizontal flitch - plate, which heaves the hopper off the knife-edges and relieves them from the shock.