Sentence Examples with the word SARUM

According to Sarum and Bangor, the thurible, as well as the lights, attended the Gospel to the lectern.

While modern Breviaries are nearly always printed in four volumes, one for each season of the year, the editions of the Sarum never exceeded two parts.

In the American Prayer Book the office of Commination is omitted, with the exception of the three concluding prayers, which are derived from the prayers and anthems said or sung during the blessing and distribution of the ashes according to the Sarum Missal.

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In Scotland the only one which has survived the convulsions of the i 6th century is that of Aberdeen, a Scottish form of the Sarum Office,' revised by William Elphinstone (bishop 1483-1514), and printed at Edinburgh by Walter Chapman and Andrew Myllar in 1509-1510.

The red hangings of the Holy Table, usual where the liturgical colours are not used, are also - like the cushions to support the service books - supposed to be a survival of the Sarum use.

Although the Sarum Use prevailed far the most widely, yet there were separate Uses of York and Hereford, and also to a less degree of Lincoln, Bangor, Exeter, Wells, St Paul's, and probably of other dioceses and cathedral churches as well.

In the Sarum and Bangor, the priest censed the oblations after offering them; then the space between himself and the altar.

In 1086 the bishop of Sarum and the monks of Sherborne held the place, which seems to have been of fair size and an agricultural centre.

The Sarum or Salisbury Breviary itself was very widely used.