Sentence Examples with the word SANCTUARY

The temple at Shiloh, where the ark was preserved, was the lineal descendant of the Mosaic sanctuary - for it was not the place but the palladium and its oracle that were the essential thing - and its priests claimed kin with Moses himself.

She.d tried opening a portal soon after Rhyn left to return to the Sanctuary but failed.

The leader of the convent that cared for the Sanctuary opened the door and curtseyed.

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Falling thirty stories onto the hard sand of the Sanctuary did nothing to help.

It is not at all customary to how the Sanctuary is meant to be used, she said sternly.

In 1902, in that part of the Via Ardeatina which passes between the cemeteries of Calixtus and Domitilla, was discovered a crypt with frescoes and the sanctuary of a martyr: it is thought that this, rather than a neighbouring crypt brought to light in 1847, may prove to be the sepulchral crypt of SS.

The sacred barks of the divinities preserved in the sanctuary of Karnak were then conveyed in procession by water to Luxor and back again; a representation of the festal scenes is given on the walls of the great colonnade.

But the race whose chief sanctuary it guarded and maintained was the heir of great traditions and ideals.

This, however, did not prevent him from remaining a follower of Yahweh, whose prophets he still consulted, and 1 The sanctuary of Heracles a;: Daphne near Antioch was properly that of the Semitic Baal, and at Amathus Jupiter Hospes takes the place of Heracles or Malika, in which the Tyrian Melkart is to be recognized (W.

The buildings of the shrine together with a space extending to about one hundred yards beyond the gates of the shrine on each side is sanctuary (bast).