Sentence Examples with the word SALOON

The purser, however, made it appear that he had again jumped overboard, concealed him for some days - generally inside one of the saloon sofas - and helped him to get ashore in disguise at Vera Cruz.

The sixth declared against Monothelitism; the seventh sanctioned the worship (30vXda, not etXnOt y) Aarpdia) of images; the council held in the Trullus (a saloon in the palace at Constantinople) supplemented by canons of discipline the doctrinal decrees of the fifth and sixth councils.

Your father didn't leave willingly - and he didn't leave with the saloon girl, the way everyone thought.

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For this purpose hydraulic mechanism of Bessemer's design was arranged under the control of an attendant, whose duty it was to keep watch on a spirit-level, and counteract by proper manipulation of the apparatus any deviation from the horizontal that might manifest itself on the floor of the saloon owing to the rolling of the vessel.

Cars of this saloon type have been introduced into England for use on railways which have adopted electric traction, but owing to the narrower loading gauge of British railways it is not usually possible to seat four persons across the width of the car for its whole length, and at the ends the seats have to be placed along the sides of the vehicle.

She couldn't blame the Indian girl any more than she could blame the saloon girl who ran off with her father.

Bordeaux had one arm wrapped fondly around the shoulders of a saloon girl.

The state dispensary was opposed by the old conservative faction, by the saloon keepers, and by the radical prohibitionists.

Little did I know that while you were proposing to me, you were making plans to marry you're little saloon girl.

She took a job in a saloon so she could eat.