Sentence Examples with the word SAFE

In width, which affords a capacious and safe harbour for large ships; but basaltic cliffs, 1500 ft.

Wars were conducted on a showy system by means of mercenaries, who played a safe game in the field and developed a system of bloodless campaigns.

You need to ascertain which is suitable for your safe dining.

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The fine bay in front of the city, affording a safe and commodious harbour, is formed by an island stretching along the south of it.

The creditors threatened to surrender him to Henry VII., but, more fortunate than his brother, he found a safe refuge at Buda with King Ladislas VI.

It was then thought that, if the sepoys mutinied, they would march off to Delhi, and Wheeler contented himself by throwing up a rude entrenchment round the hospital barracks, where he thought that the Europeans would be safe during the first tumult of a rising.

At Sofi's icy voice, Darian turned away from the safe and faced her.

In withholding his assent to the new German constitution, by which Austria was excluded from the Confederation, he ran indeed counter to the sentiment of his people; but by this time the back of the revolution was broken, and in the events which led to the humiliation of Prussia at Olmutz in 1851, and the restoration of the old diet of the Confederation, Bavaria was safe in casting in her lot with Austria (see Germany: History).

There was a question of jurisdictions and when Weller volunteered that Martha was safe and comfortable at Bird Song where she'd spent the last six months, no one seemed to protest.

The coasts are fairly indented, and, protected by these reefs, which often support a chain of green islets, afford many good harbours and safe anchorages.