Sentence Examples with the word SACRA

Quoad civilia et sacra) and parishes quoad sacra - civilia being such matters as church rates, education, poor law and sanitary purposes, and sacra being such as concern the administration of church ordinances, and fall under the cognizance of the church courts.

The pseudo-classicism of the period of Marietta's foundation is indicated by the names - Capitolium for one of the public squares, Sacra Via for one of the principal streets, and Campus Martius for the fortification.

Under Graham's Act, above mentioned, a parish may be disjoined and erected quoad sacra tantum on the application of persons who have built and endowed a church, and who offer securities for its proper maintenance.

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It was a solemn feast attended only by members of one clan, at which those who had quarrelled were at the sacrament of the table (apud sacra mensae) reconciled.

All new discoveries made by the active Commissione di archeologia sacra are chronicled with as little delay as possible in the Nuovo Bulletino de archeologia cristiana published in Rome.

The collected edition of St Columban's writings was published by Patrick Fleming in his Collectanea sacra Hiberni (Louvain, 1667), and reproduced by Migne, p. 4, vol.

The centre of gravity in Hebrew religion was shifted from ceremonial observance and local sacra to righteous conduct.

The American Biblical Respository (1831-1850), a quarterly, was united with the Andover Bibliotheca Sacra (1843) and with the Theological Eclectic (1865).

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