Sentence Examples with the word S P

The mother will defend her young with the utmost desperation against any assailant, and ha s p been known to sacrifice her own life rather than desert them.

The plan of Notes and Queries (1849), for the purpose of inter-communication among those interested in s p ecial points of literary and antiquarian character, has led to the 1 John Limbird, to whom even before Chambers or Knight is due the carrying out the idea of a cheap and good periodical for the people, died on the 31st of October 1883, without having achieved the worldly prosperity of his two followers.

When that has been done (it has been achieved by the present writer in the case of the sea fish Cottus with demersal eggs,) it would be possible to deposit the young fish in suitable localities on a large scale, with a reasonable prospect of influencing the local abundance of the s p ecies of fish in question.

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It is well known in England for its graceful habit, the slender, grey - or white - barked stem, the delicate, drooping branches and the quivering leaves, a bright, clear green in s p r i n g, becoming duller in the summer, but often keeping their greenness rather late into the 5 autumn.

SI ella), vispera from v b s p e r a (Old Cast.

Among other s p ecies of the family Felidae found in India may be mentioned the ounce or snow leopard (F.