Sentence Examples with the word Ryder

For instance, Ryder found that the Upernivik glacier had an average velocity of only 33 ft.

Bucknell was in Pennsylvania, and Ryder College, where Jen attended, in New Jersey.

Steenstrup during several years, Captain Hammer in 1879-1880, Captain Ryder in 1886-1887, Dr Drygalski in 1891-1893, 2 and several American expeditions in later years, all examined the question closely.

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Jen, the valedictorian of her class, was to attend Ryder College in New Jersey and major in English Literature.

These fjords are very deep; the greatest depth found by Ryder in Scoresby Sound was 300 fathoms, but there are certainly still greater depths; like the Norwegian fjords they have, however, probably all of them, a threshold or sill, with shallow water, near their mouths.