Sentence Examples with the word Ruth

Tell is the chief of the Ruth leaguers, and it is his deed which is the immediate occasion of the rising against the oppressors, which is dated in 1296.

In the happy finale, Naomi is the recipient of congratulations upon the birth of a son to the faithful Ruth (iv.

TO MRS. GROVER CLEVELAND My dear Mrs. Cleveland, I am going to write you a little letter this beautiful morning because I love you and dear little Ruth very much indeed, and also because I wish to thank you for the loving message which you sent me through Miss Derby.

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Tell is represented as being one of those who swore at the Ruth to drive out the oppressors; but the narrative of his doings is merely one incident in the general movement which began quite independently of him.

But the Septuagint appends the book to Jeremiah (Baruch intervening), just as it adds Ruth to Judges; thus making the number of the books of the Hebrew Canon the same as that of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, viz.

The story of Ruth (the Moabitess, great-grandmother of David) is one of the Old Testament Hagiographa and is usually reckoned as the second of the five Megilloth (Festal Rolls).

The date of Ruth is disputed: Driver has defended a pre-exilic date for it, but the general opinion of modern scholars is that it belongs to the 5th century B.C. The Lamentations consist of five elegies on the fall of Jerusalem, and the sufferings which its people experienced in consequence; they must all have been composed not long after 586 B.C. Ecclesiastes, thethird book belonging (see above) to the Wisdom-literature,.

Whatever the predominant party might think of foreign marriages, the tradition of the half-Moabite origin of David serves, in the beautiful idyll of Ruth (q.v.), to suggest the debt which Judah and Jerusalem owed to one at least of its neighbours.

I, 8) and, following him, Jerome and Origen reckon 22 books, taking Ruth with Judges and Lamentations with Jeremiah; whereas the ordinary Jewish reckoning gives 24 books, as in our Hebrew Bibles.

Xxxviii.; its connexion with the Davidic dynasty, Ruth iv.; its position as head of all the Judaean sub-divisions, I Chron.