Sentence Examples with the word Run off

The modern distilling plant consists of two main parts termed the evaporator and condenser; in addition there must be a boiler (sometimes steam is run off the main boilers, but this practice has several disadvantages), pumps for circulating cold water in the condenser and for supplying salt water to the evaporator, and a filter through which the aerated water passes.

The latter are circular or rectangular vessels, holding from 500 to 1500 gallons each, according to the capacity of the factory, and fitted with steam coils at the bottom and skimming troughs at the top. In them the syrup is quickly brought up to the boil and skimmed for about five minutes, when it is run off to the service tanks of the vacuum pans.

It is these heavy rains, of brief duration, when great volumes of water rapidly run off from the barren slopes, that cause the deep channels, or arroyas, which cross the desert.

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The working door through which the litharge is run off lies under the flue which carries off the products of combustion and the lead fumes, the lead is charged and the blast is admitted near the fire-bridge.

The mackintosh sheet forms a shallow bath, and the water may afterwards be run off from it at the lower end of the bed.

In the past, impetuous young men would drop out of college and run off to join the army.

Vanadium salts may be obtained from mottramite by digesting the mineral with concentrated hydrochloric acid, the liquid being run off and the residue well washed; the acid liquid and the washings are then evaporated with ammonium chloride, when ammonium metavanadate separates.

Now they drop out of college and run off to start corporations.

The slag and metal produced are then run off and the latter is cast into bars; these are in general contaminated with iron, arsenic, copper and other impurities.

Pipe and bubbles into the melted sulphur and water; the specific gravity of which is greatly diminished, so that it rises to the surface through the outer pipes; it is then run off to settling tanks.