Sentence Examples with the word Rudolf

Huber, Rudolf von Habsburg vor seiner Thronbesteigung (Vienna, 1873); J.

In reply to Rudolf Hospinian's Concordia discors (1607), he wrote a work, rich in historical material but one-sided in its apologetics, Concordia concors (1614), defending the formula of Concord, which he regarded as inspired.

Crompton, Elihu Thomson, Rudolf Eickemeyer, Thomas Parker and others, and the theory of the action of the dynamo had been closely studied by J.

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Him, Rudolf von Habsburg (Vienna, 1874); H.

The eastern depression, known as the East African trough or rift-valley, contains much smaller lakes, many of them brackish and without outlet, the only one comparable to those of the western trough being Lake Rudolf or Basso Norok.

MARTIN FRIEDRICH RUDOLF VON DELBRUCK, Prussian statesman (1817-1903), was born at Berlin on the 16th of April 1817.

Electric Waves.-In the decade 1880-1890, the most important advance in electrical physics was, however, that which originated with the astonishing researches of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (1857-1894).

Von Hamel, Discovery of Lakes Rudolf and Stefanie (London, 1894); L.

The mass of Elgon can be seen from the northeast coast of Victoria Nyanza, from near the main Nile stream, from the heights overlooking Lake Rudolf and from the Kikuyu escarpment.

Hagen, Deutsche Geschichte von Rudolf von Habsburg bis auf die neueste Zeit (Frankfort, 1854-57) O.