Sentence Examples with the word Rosario

Those of Buenos Aires, Rosario and La Plata are owned by public companies.

The seat of government was also transferred provisionally to Rosario de Cucuta, on the frontier of the two provinces, and Bolivar again took the field.

The principal centres of the system are Buenos Aires, Rosario and Bahia Blanca, with La Plata as a secondary centre to the former, and from these the lines radiate westward and northward.

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The province is traversed by the Tucuman extension of the Buenos Aires and Rosario railway, by a French line from Santa Fe to Tucuman, and by a branch of the Central Northern (Cordoba section) railway.

Here the efforts of Dr Alem succeeded in supplying a large body of rebels with arms and ammunition, and he was able, by a bold attack, to seize the town of Rosario and there establish the revolutionary headquarters.

High), the Rosario Fall in Pinar del Rio, and the Almendares cascade near Havana, may also be mentioned.

The names, area and population of the provinces and territories are as follows: The principal towns, with estimated population for 1905, are as follows: Buenos Aires (1,025,653), Rosario (129,121), La Plata (85,000), Tucuman (55,000), Cordoba (43,000), Sante Fe (33, 200), Mendoza (32,000), Parana.

Those near San Diego, Guanabacoa and Santa Maria del Rosario (near Havana) and Madruga (near Gaines) are the best known.

Oranges are exported to Buenos Aires, Rosario and Montevideo, and are largely used for fattening hogs.