Sentence Examples with the word Roman

Xxviii.) couples her name with that of Cornelia, the mother of the Gracchi, as an example of the Roman matron 1 In spite of the explicit statements of Suetonius, Plutarch and Appian that Caesar was in his fifty-sixth year at the time of his murder, it is, as Mommsen has shown, practically certain that he was born in 102 B.C., since he held the chief offices of state in regular order, beginning with the aedileship in 65 B.C., and the legal age for this was fixed at 37-38.

Hardy, Christianity and the Roman Government (1894), pp. 1 45 sqq., which criticizes both Neumann and Ramsay; Leonard Alston, Stoic and Christian of the 2nd century (1906); J.

GAIUS LICINIUS MACER CALVUS (82-47 B.C.), Roman poet and orator, was the son of the annalist Licinius Macer.

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From before his election he had been in high favour with the Roman aristocracy, and especially with the great ladies.

The ence of the Church thus escaped the unpopularity of this decadent empire, and during the 5th century she provided a refuge for all those who, wishing to preserve the Roman unity, were terrified by the blackness of the horizon.

The principal buildings are: the Roman Catholic church, which was completed in 1851; the English church, the theatre, the Kurhaus, built in 1901, and several bathing establishments and hospitals.

Of course, defence easily passes into counterattack, as when early apologists denounce Greek and Roman religion.

The pump drill with cords twisted round it was in Roman use.

JOVINIANUS, or JovIANUS, a Roman monk of heterodox views, who flourished during the latter half of the 4th century.

But owing to jealousies among the Roman officers who served under him and the Spaniards of higher rank he could not maintain his position, and his influence over the native tribes slipped away from him, though he won victories to the last.