Sentence Examples with the word Rod

A similar sound may be made by affixing those feathers to the end of a rod and drawing them rapidly downwards in the same position as they occupy in the bird's tail while it is performing the feat.

Let a conductor, say a metallic sphere, be supported by a metal rod of negligible electric capacity whose other end is earthed.

It has been suggested 2 that an iron rod under magnetization may be in the same condition as if under a mechanically applied longitudinal stress tending to shorten the iron.

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Circular nodal lines unaccompanied by intersecting lines cannot be produced in the manner described; but may be got either by drilling a small hole through the centre, and drawing a horse-hair along its edge to bring out the note, or by attaching a long thin elastic rod to the centre of the plate, at right angles to it, holding the rod by the.

A mass of glass in a viscous state can be rolled with an iron roller like dough; can be rendered hollow by the pressure of the human breath or by compressed air; can be forced by air pressure, or by a mechanically driven plunger, to take the shape and impression of a mould; and can be almost indefinitely extended as solid rod or as hollow tube.

Through G, the centre of gravity of the rod, draw Gg parallel to the line of stroke, thus dividing the image at g in the proportion that the connecting rod is divided by G.

Since, for example, stretching diminishes 'the magnetization of nickel, it follows from theory that the length of a nickel rod should be diminished by magnetization and conversely.

The rods BC and DB carry two small rods EF, GF jointed at F; at this joint there is a pin which slides in a slot on the rod BH, which is normal to the mirror X.

Meliarakes, IQTopta roD Bao - tXitov NcKacas Kai TOU D H7rELpou (Athens, 1898).

In practice the weight b is pivoted on the rod whilst its outer end, bp, which writes on a smoked surface, is made extremely light.