Sentence Examples with the word Rocket

The rocket smashed into the floor below, shattering glass and pulverizing part of the balcony.

The impact of the rocket knocked her on her backside.

And this man was saying we were going to the moon in a rocket ship made of metals we hadn't even invented.

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The last two of these engines broke down under trial, but the Rocket fulfilled the conditions and won the prize.

The rocket slammed into an ambulance parked in front of Andre's, the brilliant explosion throwing heat and light that reached her on what she estimated was the twentieth floor.

The rocket had exploded as it landed on the floor, leaving a gaping hole.

The Bliss resembles the Rocket log in shape, and is secured to the taffrail by a rope or slung.

Her arms and legs were only faintly scarred despite the glass shards from the rocket attacks and the damage done by Sasha.

Lana grew uneasy and watched the sky flare with rocket and laser fire from the battle at the Peak.

Another boom, and the edges of the door lit up and spit fire as the rocket exploded in Andre's apartment.