Sentence Examples with the word Rita

Winston had more to say but held off as Rita came by, handing him a cup of coffee.

Before Dean finished hanging up his coat, pouring a cup of over-brewed coffee and settling in his chair, Rita Angeltoni dropped a pile of telephone messages on his desk.

None of this was meant to say Rita was absent redeeming qualities.

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Tell him it's either, Julie, or Rita or...

Not only was Rita the fastest typist in Parkside, she was the neatest.

Julie or Rita or Tamara hung up.

It was only 7:20 when Dean entered the squad room but Rita Angeltoni was already glued to her keyboard as if she'd spent the night.

Sighing deeply, he told Rita he was finished for the day, jogged down the stairs to his car, and fought the late afternoon crosstown traffic to Ethel Rosewater's office.

While he should have turned the project over to Rita at headquarters, it had, after all, been Fred's idea, so he didn't complain about giving it a shot.