Sentence Examples with the word Rissa

Sirian and Rissa led him back to the impressive hold at the center of the city and up a set of stairs to the second level and down a wide hallway.

He spoke loudly enough for Rissa to hear.

Several burly guards bowed to Sirian and Rissa and trailed them into the street.

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Sirian and Rissa wound through the fortress before disappearing into a door guarded by two men.

When Rissa merely nodded, accepting the insult, he felt the urge to shake sense into the oblivious woman.

Aside from the dark moods of Rissa and Sirian, Taran sensed nervousness in the guards.

Relieved, he pulled the blowing horse to a halt and grabbed Rissa by the scruff of her tunic, unceremoniously hauling her up and dumping her on the ground.

Sirian and Rissa glared at each other with animosity that bespoke a brittle relationship.

The demon within Rissa was panicked, rippling her skin as it fled as far from Memon as possible.

Memon ignored him, darting into the cell where the unconscious Rissa lay.