Sentence Examples with the word Risked

For the first time she thought about the fact that he had no commitment to them at all, yet he had risked his life for them.

Though countless have paid for me, never has a man risked paying so dearly for my body; his honor, his reputation, his family and even his soul.

The humiliating secret treaty concluded between Austria-Hungary and Serbia in 1881 had specially pledged the latter to repress any nationalist agitation against the Dual Monarchy, even in respect of that Bosnia for which Serbia had risked her existence four years earlier.

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If you stooped over too far forward, you risked their pitching out of you like billiard-balls.

In ordinary circumstances, however, the Malay is not treacherous, and there are many instances recorded in which men of this race have risked their own lives on behalf of Europeans who chanced to be their friends.

Not only had they risked and lost all in the attempt and drawn upon themselves the frightful vengeance of the state, but they saw themselves the means of injuring irretrievably the cause for which they felt such devotion.

Darian debated how to find Jenn before he risked talking to her mentally.

Sirian sat at the head of the long table, graciously accepting the warlord's normal seat while the warlord risked her life to return to her people.

General Barclay de Tolly risked his life everywhere at the head of the troops, I can assure you.

In 1865 he risked an encounter with Scottish Sabbatarian ideas.