Sentence Examples with the word Righted

She breathed out another sigh and righted her ponytail, then splashed water on her face.

He had been with her since the world began its plummet into chaos, and she hoped he remained at the other end of the network until the world righted itself.

On the way he came upon a bush, his gallant horse cleared it, and almost before he had righted himself in his saddle he saw that he would immediately overtake the enemy he had selected.

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Rhyn righted himself, unconcerned, and barreled toward the demons.

Bianca righted herself and carefully straightened the blonde, panicked by her pale features.

The demon righted him and tried to heft him but stopped.

The helicopter righted itself fast, and she saw the parachute Brady had been trying to release by smashing his fist against the control box in the ceiling.

The regimental commander, flushing, ran to his horse, seized the stirrup with trembling hands, threw his body across the saddle, righted himself, drew his saber, and with a happy and resolute countenance, opening his mouth awry, prepared to shout.

The vehicle rambled over a large boulder, skidding off to the left before Westlake wrenched the wheel and righted it.

He all but flung her onto a horse, and she righted herself, joining a long caravan of well-armed men.