Sentence Examples with the word Right about

Davis was right about one thing.

Rhyn was right about the demons; Gabe smelled demon blood and saw the gashes across Logan's throat.

Hilden was right about many things, among them the walls of Tiyan needed to remain if Taran hoped to claim the kingdom one day.

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Katie was right about one thing.

Lana sank onto the couch, not liking the instinct that told her she was right about him.

Yully grew more anxious the nearer they got; her father was right about the magic feeling stronger.

He knew Dusty was right, knew Sofia was right, knew he'd known since just after Darian's death that there was something not right about Claire but was too desperate to hold onto the last piece of his brother to face the truth.

Mary was right about one thing.

A swan dive off the roof sounds good right about now.

You may be right about Byrne not showing up at his funeral next week.