Sentence Examples with the word Riesengebirge

The Riesengebirge has of late years been made easily accessible by railway, several branches from the main lines, both on the Silesian and Bohemian side, penetrating the valleys, and thus many spots in the Riesengebirge are a good deal frequented in the summer.

From the Riesengebirge to the Vistula, and from the Moldau to the Drave, extended the shadowy empire of Moravia, founded by Moimir and Svatopluk (c. 850-890), which collapsed so completely at the first impact of the Magyars that, ten years after their arrival, not a trace of it remained.

The Riesengebirge is the legendary home of Number Nip (Ri bezahl), a halfmischievous, half-friendly goblin of German folklore, and various localities in the group are more or less directly associated with his name.

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The lower parts of the Riesengebirge are clad with forests of oak, beech, pine and fir; above 1600 ft.