Sentence Examples with the word Ridley

Maybe that Ridley Pearson mystery I'm working on and a tooth brush.

He was released by Mary's accession, and was at once restored to his see, his deprivation being regarded as invalid and Ridley as an intruder.

In April 1554 he acted as notary to Cranmer and Ridley at their disputation, but in the autumn he signed a series of Catholic articles.

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Hooper was the first of the bishops to suffer because his Zwinglian views placed him further beyond the pale than Cranmer, Ridley and Latimer.

On the 14th of September 1553 he was sent to the Tower, where Ridley and Latimer were also confined.

Accordingly in March 1554 he and his two illustrious fellow-prisoners, Ridley and Latimer, were removed to Oxford, where they were confined in the Bocardo or common prison.

Forbes in 1878, and later, at the expense of Sir John Murray, by Dr Guppy, Mr Ridley and Dr Andrews.