Sentence Examples with the word Rheumatism

In chronic rheumatism sulphur waters taken internally and used as baths are effectual.

The waters of Baden-Baden are specific in cases of chronic rheumatism and gout, paralysis, neuralgia, skin diseases and various internal complaints, such as stone and uric acid.

The town has a mineral spring, which is used for bathing, being efficacious for rheumatism and other complaints.

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It has a small spa, and its sulphur baths are resorted to for the cure of rheumatism and gout.

Rest in bed should be insisted upon for a longer time than appears actually required, because acute rheumatism tends to bring on cardiac changes, and is more likely to do this when the heart is excited than when the patient is kept at rest.

Cornelius Sulla, and still frequented by the Greeks for the cure of gout, rheumatism and digestive disorders.

The climate is unhealthy - fever, smallpox, dysentery and rheumatism being the prevailing diseases.

Krummholz oil, valued in Germany as an outward application in rheumatism and for bruises and sprains, is distilled from the young branches, and a fragrant white resin that exudes in some quantity from the buds is used for similar purposes and as a perfume, under the name of Hungarian balsam it is sold in the towns of Germany, being probably obtained from the Carpathians.

Its waters are efficacious in cases of gout, rheumatism and biliary affections.

In the spring of 1890 the queen visited Aix-les-Bains in the hope that the waters of that health resort might alleviate the rheumatism from which she was now frequently suffering.