Sentence Examples with the word Rewarded

In 1605 these haiduks were rewarded for their fidelity to the Protestant party (see HUNGARY: History) with titles of nobility and territorial rights over a district situated on the left bank of the river Theiss, known thenceforward as the Haiduk region.

His political activity while bishop of Durham was rewarded with a privy councillorship in 1627.

Thus he rewarded the patriotism of the Danish ladies who sacrificed all their jewels to pay the heavy ransom exacted from him by his captors, the Jomsborg pirates, by enacting a law whereby women were henceforth to inherit landed property in the same way as their male relatives.

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Further, we are not only under a government in which actions considered simply as such are rewarded and punished, but it is known from experience that virtue and vice are followed by their natural consequents - happiness and misery.

The ardour of his republican principles gave place, after the 18th Brumaire, to devotion towards the first consul, a sentiment promptly rewarded with the post of minister of the interior.

As Johnson thought it unsafe to pursue the routed army his victory had no other effect than the erection here of the useless defences of Fort William Henry, but as it was the only success in a year of gloom parliament rewarded him with a grant of X 5000 and the title of a baronet.

The results of these and similar attempts led to the conclusion that efforts to improve the indigenous cottons were most likely to be rewarded with success.

His son, Sardar Singh (1851-1872), was rewarded for help given during the Mutiny by an increase of territory.

The Baden contingent continued to assist France, and by the peace of Vienna in 1809 the grandduke was rewarded with accessions of territory at the expense of the kingdom of Wurttemberg.

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