Sentence Examples with the word Reversing

Fore-sights are made right and left; tangent sights are interchangeable, the graduations are cut on the horizontal edges above and below, so that the sight can be changed from right to left or vice versa by removing and reversing the bar.

On reversing the motion the valve E closes and the liquid is forced through the valve F to the upper part of the cylinder.

The obvious remedy is to make all measures on opposite sides of the fixed web before reversing in position-angle - a precaution, however, which no careful observer would neglect.

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K is a commutator for reversing the direction of the magnetizing current, and G a galvanometer for measuring it.

To continue the process, the key K is turned over to the right-hand side, and then, while S is open, is turned back, thereby not only reversing the direction of the current, but diminishing its strength by an amount depending upon the previous adjustment of R2.

On reversing the motion the - I valve E closes and the liquid is IL driven past the valve F.

Root Co., Medina, the combs for reversing after Ohio, U.S.A,) one side had been emptied of its contents.

Each of them, besides being a reversing gear, is an expansion gear both in forward and backward running.

The reversing key K having been put over to the left side, the short-circuit key S is suddenly opened; this inserts the resistance R, which has been suitably adjusted before hand, and thus reduces the current and therefore the magnetizing force to a known value.

Twice the length of the way; the set is returned in bye, by reversing the engine, casting loose the main, and coupling up the tail drum, so that the tail rope is wound up and the main rope paid out.