Sentence Examples with the word Returned

Bills not returned to the legislature in five days become law, unless the legislature adjourns in the meantime.

Throughout the revolutionary years he supported his brother's policy, became a member of the Erfurt parliament, and, after the collapse of the national movement, returned to the service of the duchy of Nassau.

Sulla returned to Rome, while Lucullus remained in Asia, and by wise and generous financial reforms laid the foundation of the prosperity of the province.

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Fred was absent when they arrived home, but returned just as Cynthia was cutting a warmed apple pie for a late afternoon snack.

The popularity of Donne as a preacher rose to its zenith when he returned to his pulpit, and it continued there until his death.

Dean returned to his quarters where in less than five minutes Fred joined him, annoyed at the brevity of his inquisition.

Resisting his offers, the youth went on to Rome, received the papal benediction, and then, in accordance with his promise, returned to Lyons, where he stayed for three years, till the murder of his patron, whose fate the executioners would not let him share.

He then went into exile at Orvieto and Viterbo, and only on the 6th of October 1528 returned to his desolate residence.

In 1548 Tartaglia accepted a situation as professor of Euclid at Brescia, but returned to Venice at the end of eighteen months.

After the defeat of Marathon he returned to Asia.