Sentence Examples with the word Retrieved

But he retrieved his mistake at once.

He hastily reached into his cargo pocket and retrieved the keypad.

Darian retrieved more cheeseburgers and beers from the kitchen.

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His touch lingered on bruises, and he retrieved a small tool when he reached the hem of her dress.

When nothing else happened, she retrieved the dagger and replaced it.

The door opened quietly and Yancey entered, his face bland as he retrieved the magazine from his chair.

He retrieved the keys from the board and tossed them to her.

The Elamites, under their king Kudur-Lagamar or Chedorlaomer, seem to have taken Babylon and destroyed the temple of Bel-Merodach; but Khammurabi retrieved his fortunes, and in, .

She went to the fridge and retrieved a lemon, pausing to stare at the food in the massive refrigerator.

She retrieved her microcomputer with the other hand and checked the supply store she granted the Guardian access to.