Sentence Examples with the word Resumed

In 1858 he resumed this office in Lord Derby's second administration, being returned to the House of Commons as member for Stamford.

In spite of Gladstone's skilful appeal to the constituencies to sanction the principle of Home Rule, as distinct from the practical provisions of his late bill, the general election resulted in a majority of considerably over loo against his policy, and Lord Salisbury resumed office.

Felipa considered the question a moment and then her brows resumed their normal position.

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Whether or no Vacarius ever resumed his Oxford lectures after their interruption by Stephen we are not informed.

The French afterwards resumed the blockade, so that although Barrosa was an allied victory, its object was not attained.

He retired when Necker was dismissed on the 12th of July 1789, but on Necker's recall after the taking of the Bastille again resumed his office, which he continued to hold till October 1791.

The British government intervened and after considerable pressure upon Turkey obtained a telegram (dated the 8th of April 1892) from the grand vizier in which it was declared that the status quo was maintained in the Sinai peninsula, but that the sultan resumed possession of the posts in the Hejaz heretofore garrisoned by Egypt.

The Piagnoni were again at the head of the state, and by their request the prior resumed his sermons in the duomo, while his dearest disciple, Fra Domenico Buonvicini, filled the pulpit of St Lorenzo.

He returned to New York in 1798, resumed the practice of his profession, re-entered politics, and sat in the United States Senate as a Federalist from 1800 to 1803.

After receiving a very limited education he was apprenticed to a linen manufacturer, but, finding the employment uncongenial, he resumed school-life at the institution founded by Wesley at Kingswood, near Bristol.