Sentence Examples with the word Resting

At the same time Democritus distinguished between obscure (UKOTG1j) cognition, resting on sensation alone, and genuine (yvrjoL), which is the result of inquiry by reason, and is concerned with atoms and void, the only real existences.

The Roman nobility, resting wholly on sufferance, was overthrown by the ambition of one of its own members.

But examples are not wanting of a more or less complete resting habit during the latest nymphal instar.

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He lowered his hand, resting it possessively on her upper thigh.

He draped his arms around her and pulled her against him, resting his chin on her head.

The biga itself consists of a seat resting on the axle, with a rail at each side to protect the driver from the wheels.

In the older filters it was usual to support this sand upon small gravel resting upon larger gravel, and so on until the material was sufficiently open to pass the water laterally to underdrains.

A spiral spring, coiled round the cylinder y, resting one end on the shoulder formed by the difference of the diameters of the cylinders (3 and -y and the other on the inside of the web-frame, presses the latter continuously towards y.

They brought a wing chair from the living room into the studio, and Elisabeth positioned him sitting back with one ankle on the other knee, his hands resting on the arms of the chair.

Elizabeth was less concerned with the respective claims of Brian and Shane, the one resting on an English patent and the other on the Celtic custom, than with the question of policy involved in supporting or rejecting the demands of her proud suppliant.