Sentence Examples with the word Restaurants

The other houseguests had left earlier and separately after asking directions to one of the few winter restaurants that remained open in Ouray.

Helsingfors was without tramcars, cabs, gas and electricity; no shops except provision shops were open; public departments, schools and restaurants were closed.

There are in England a number of vegetarian restaurants and boardinghouses, one hospital and one or two sanatoria, In Germany and America there are many institutions where flesh is only prescribed in special cases.

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And so we are interested in the Italian restaurants people drive across town repeatedly to frequent.

It will build a table of all the words used by people like you who have reviewed those restaurants and will look for San Francisco restaurants described with the same words.

Along the southern end of the Binnen Alster runs the Jungfernstieg with fine shops, hotels and restaurants facing the water.

The number of restaurants and similar places of evening resort is very great, and there are several public courts where the Basque game of pelota can be witnessed.

The house of the committee (1890), banks, a theatre, a circus, a new semicircular canal and a second floating bridge, underground galleries, a water-supply, an electrical tramway, temperance tea-shops and restaurants kept by the Society of Tradesmen.

You could see which restaurants were rated the highest on Yelp, which ones certain reviewers liked, and so on.

This system will look at all the Italian restaurants around the country that you already like and look at all the ingredients they order online and look for restaurants in San Francisco using the same set of ingredients.